Asscentric Pop

This reviewer, to be fair, has not sampled enough of this groups' material (like most idol groups) to really make an informed opinion, but their music is pleasant enough. Its image and repertoire seems to be splashy and overtly sexual as the group (at least with their last few releases) seems to rely on a predictable recipe of leg-and-buttock-focused choreography and pleasant but mostly uninteresting Motownesque dance pop. "Shake It" and "Touch My Body," their last two singles are formulatically similiar. (Is 'formulatically' even a word? Is now.) To an American listener, they might sound the like the music you might hear in a TV commercial. "I Swear" is silky smooth, but again, nothing ground breaking. More power to them, though, as they are one of South Korea's most popular girl groups.

Two things to know about Sistar:

  1. If you like cutoff shorts, great legs and pumps, man, this group is for you.
  2. Their lead singer Hyolin is a major talent. She is a very competent vocalist with a distinctive style. She is soulful and powerful.

Fun, pleasant, but aside from the legendary ass movent in all of their videos, musically fairly trite. Nothing wrong with that, though, I guess.

Update: The new, dazzling song and video "I Like That" is the best thing they've ever done, hardly trite, and worth a look and listen.

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